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Digital Envelope Production Printing
Having all the power at your fingertips, this versatile system outperforms the competition by offering more than just envelopes.
FireyXF_New Screen cmyk.jpg
With a patented top load, bottom feed friction feeder, this system can print 3,500 envelopes per hour without interruptions. Not only can it print envelopes, the 13"x52" format can also print banners in seconds, synthetics and heavy stocks up to 500gsm or 24pt. board. Also included as standard, this system is optimized for envelope production with almost 60 modifications to the print engine making this the BEST solution hands down. Another great feature is the ease to print on the back flap and bleed on 3-sides, try that with a competitors product! Teamed up with a Fiery RIP, colors are accurate and 1 click of the mouse automates output so these's little to no human intervention and files are printed accurately without any effort. Recall printed files at a later date, and colors match perfectly. 
Digital Foil, Soft Touch & Special Effects
Digitally foil stamp your offset or digital        printed sheet without the use of a die!

With the ability to foil and add a "soft touch" straight out of the box, and with minimal training, this high-quality production unit will soon start earning its keep - and you a great reputation!

Introducing the hottest product on the market today, the F1000L: Raising ordinary print work to 'extra-ordinary'. The F1000L has been developed to meet specific print-finishing requirements and built to exacting technical standards – with fully controllable pressure and heat processes, made to deliver optimum results with today's digital print output. Both lamination and flaring-film rolls are available in a choice of widths and lengths to deliver great value and cost-effective production – particularly when using the F1000L model with its extended input table for banners and long media. With the use of your toner-based printer, you can create unique foiled designs within seconds. Ever want to impress that bride-to-be with a custom invitation and envelope, what about offering variable data in a choice of 20 different foil colors? Sounds impossible? Not with the F1000L's unique process of applying the foil in a fusion process.

If you haven't been asked already, you soon will be asked to add a soft touch to your clients printed job. The F1000L is designed to not only apply foil, but soft touch to any offset or digital sheet. Taking this to the next level you can add foil to your soft touch sheets with this unique process. Print a waterproof menu in 4 color, add soft touch and a foiled flare to it. This will set you apart from anyone and also allow you to keep high margins on your print!

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