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If you are looking for high production output on both flexible and rigid substrates from 64" up to 126" wide and 2" thick then the Vutek QS/GS Grand Format Hybrid UV InkJet printer is for you. With it's fast output capabilities, vast range of medias and substrates, teamed up with the low cost of ink makes this a win-win for your busy sign and banner production department. With printing speeds of 1400 sq. ft. per hour and an automated workflow makes your prepress and art files fly through the software interface with little to no human intervention. You can perform step & repeats, nesting of jobs and even add margins and grommet marks to your banners on-the-fly for ease of printing but most importantly saving labor in your finishing department. Let one of our specialists discuss your needs today, you'll be surprised on how affordable one of these pre-owned systems are.

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